OEM Solutions

Tired of marketing products without a tangible differentiation?

We can smarten your product, thus helping you offer value added solutions to your customers with a tangible differentiation in the marketplace. We work towards unlocking the potential value of your brand.

L&B Platform

The L&B Platform offers hardware and software solution.

The solutions are designed to be flexible and scalable.

The solutions are brought to the market within the stipulated time.

As a part of the L&B Platform, we offer you a 360 degree solution, ranging from designing custom hardware to manufacturing and supplying the critical electronics. This 360 degree strategy has been developed to help accelerate your transition to smart products and more importantly, to help you create highly differentiated and easily marketable products.

Our Process

Our OEM solutions are designed to easily integrated with your existing system

Manufactured in-house at our own facility, to ensure quality

Tailor made mobile app for your smart ecosystem

Case Study:

Spherehot, Gentrust Consumer Durables Pvt. Ltd. A range of Smart Storage Water Heaters.

We helped Spherehot, a legendary brand in water heaters, create disruptive marketplace differentiation by enabling their line of storage water heaters with the L&B Platform.

We designed a custom hardware solution which was easily integrated with their existing line of water heaters.

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