Smart made simple

The L&B App


Easy to set-up

Log in, connect your luminaires and customize. Easy set-up, no bull.

Group Your Lights or Control Individually

Have the ease of controlling different lights in different rooms, with separate settings simultaeneously on your phone. It can't get easier than this!

Multi-User Access

Have guests coming over? Your kids, wife or husband wants to control the lights? Now you can give secured access to anyone using our unique Multiple Users feature.

Modes and Scenes

Our Human Centric Lighting adjusts to your different rhythms throughout the day. The scene feature helps you set multiple lighting backgrounds for all your moods.


Is turning the lights on or off time and time again too much of a hassle for you? No worries, our Scheduler is here to your rescue. Time your smart devices like water heater, fan, air conditioner, etc. at your convenience, with the utmost ease.

Voice Controlled

Have the latest and greatest voice assistants like Alexa or Google Home? Now you can ask them to control your L&B Products.

Smart Devices

We believe in simplified living through smart and intuitive automation in spaces. And that is exactly what we bring to you with our Smart Devices feature. You can now control your smart device settings at the touch of your fingertips.


Can smart get any smarter? Yes it can. Our accessories like bridge device, remote and various sensors offer maximum ease of use for your smart devices.