Smart made simple

A Revolutionary Smart Lighting System


Tunable 2200K-6500K

Need to concentrate on your work. Simply change to a cool-white 6500k for maximum efficiency and energy levels. Want a warm cosy ambiance? Change to a warm 2200K to create a calming ambiance.

Dimmable 10-100%

Want to turn your living room into a warm romantic space, a theatre, or a party zone? Now you can easily do so by dimming your lights to a 10% level.

Human Centric Lighting

Human Centric Lighting supports the human circadian rhythm by adjusting to your moods and activity levels throughout the day.

BLE Smart

Think BLE is limited by distance? Be gald to have been proven wrong. All thanks to our smart mesh, now you can control your devices from anywhere in your space.

No Special Wiring

Want to smarten up by replacing your existing lights? Awesome! Now you can do it without rewiring your space, messing up your WiFi settings or having any special hardware that is a pain to set up. Just plug your L&B products to your
existing wiring and smarten up! All L&B Products can be controlled directly with your smartphones or tablets.

Save Electricity

Want to create a romantic ambiance by dimming the lights? Great! Now save on energy while doing so.

Multiple-Users Access

Have guests coming over? Your kids, wife or husband wants to control the lights? Now you can give secured access to anyone using our unique Multiple-Users feature.

Control Other Devices

Use L&B Smart Plug to smarten up your dumb devices. Just add the smart plug to your existing electrical appliance and turn it on, off or set an on-off schedule using the L&B App.

Control From Anywhere

Reached office and realised that you forgot to turn off the water heater at home? Or reached home and realised that you forgot to turn off your office lights? No worries, now you can control all your L&B Products from any part of the planet by simply making the L&B Smart Hub a part of your L&B system.

Remote Enabled

Have people at your home who are not used to smartphones or tablets? Or are you unable to locate your phone? Worry not, we have you covered. Use our dedicated remote to control all your L&B Products.

Voice Controlled

Have the latest and greatest voice assistants like Alexa or Google Home? Now you can ask them to control your L&B Products.

Works on iOS and Android

iOS or Android, we promise no biases. Our technology is compatible with iPhone 5 & above and Android 6.0 above.

2 Years Warranty

We provide a 2 years limited warranty on all L&B products.